Christmas Number Puzzle


一 1️⃣ jat1
六 6️⃣ luk6
二 2️⃣  ji6
七 7️⃣  cat1
三 3️⃣  saam1
八 8️⃣  baat3
四 4️⃣  sei3
九 9️⃣ gau2
五 5️⃣  ng5
十 🔟 sap6


How it works?

1) Print the document "聖誕數字拼圖"

2) Colour the picture & Write the number on the bottom


3) Cut out with the dotted line

4) Parent mess the puzzle up, then the children can play.

Video Sharing


Parents should encourage children to say the words in Cantonese. When they say it correctly, you can give a quick positive reinforcement right away e.g. high five, kiss, hug


More pictures from our students