《Unicorns🦄 and queens》

《獨角馬和公主》 Miss Ceci has recorded a story video about unicorns, Elsa and Anna with three girl... Read more

《Holiday in 🇭🇰 Hong Kong》

《香港旅行》   Hong Kong  finally scraps hotel quarantine.  Has anyone already booked their tickets? ... Read more

《I love chocolate🍫》

《我愛朱古力》  Recording stories aren’t limited to students and teachers only. Parents can join in t... Read more

A great way to learn vocabulary👂🏻🎼

Listening to music and watching videos are both great ways to learn vocabulary. And to make t... Read more

Creating your own stories with us

After learning mid-Autumn Festival vocabulary, one of our students created a story about a  moo... Read more

The importance of homework✏️

We know children speak very little Cantonese outside of class time, simply because of lacking t... Read more

Struggling to increase your children's vocabulary?

Reading and listening to stories is a good 👍🏻 way to increase your children's vocabulary. The books fro冚唪唥 Hambaanglaang are written with 🗣 spoken form (Jyutping), we highly recommend them to everyone. Read more

【APNEWS】As Cantonese language wanes, efforts grow to preserve it

We are glad that we were mentioned in the article. It’s our pleasure to be able to play a role ... Read more

How we use HBL's stories to teach Cantonese?

  Full Article📝 Rainbow Sees Cantonese (RSC) has been teaching children from bilingual families ... Read more

Lunar New Year Matching

新年詞語配對 年糕 😋  nin4 gou1   蘿蔔糕 😋  lo4 baak6 gou1 桃花 🌸  tou4 faa1  桔🍊 gat1 舞龍 🐉  mou5 l... Read more

Lion Dance

舞獅  製作舞獅時 Making of 用鉸剪跟線剪開 jung6 gaau2 zin2 gan1 sin3 zin2 hoi1 Cut along the lines 跟虛... Read more

Red Lucky Scroll x 6

新年揮春  新年快樂🐮 san1 nin4 faai3 lok6 Happy Chinese New Year 年年有餘💰nin4 nin4 jau5 jyu4 May t... Read more

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