Children's Cantonese classes taught by trained kindergarten teachers whose mission is to nurture little seedlings as they learn Cantonese

Rainbow seeds has been running lively and interactive children's Cantonese classes in London. Our mission is to support your child's Cantonese-learning journey. We help them build their confidence and proficiency through fun group lessons and tailored private lessons. We harness the power of play to teach your children in a way that's inspired by their interests. Our trained kindergarten teachers will support your child as they learn Cantonese, from preschool to primary school.

"Language is more than simply communication. It’s a way for your child to connect with their heritage and make sense of their world."

Cantonese learners have access to fewer resources than more widely spoken languages. Books for native Cantonese speakers are often unsuitable for bilingual children living abroad. Their complexity can frustrate the child, leading to disengagement.

To answer this need, we have created resources especially for bilingual Cantonese families.

Rainbow Seeds nurtures our children like little seedlings. We sow the seeds of their vocabulary, cultivate their pronunciation, and help them grow in confidence so they can reap the rewards of speaking Cantonese.

Your children are like Rainbow Seeds


Children are like seeds. With gentle nurturing and space to develop, they have endless potential.

Teachers and parents shower them with support and in time they bloom into unique flowers.

But learning Cantonese is challenging. There are stormy days. Sometimes even thunder and lightning.

Then the storm clouds part. The teacher appears like the sun, shining their light upon the child. They help them learn to listen, read, write, and speak. They address their challenges and give them solutions. The rainy days gradually disappear and a rainbow appears.

A rainbow is happy and comforting: the perfect environment for learning a language. We help parents recreate this environment at home so they can carry on supporting their child.

Why choose Rainbow Seeds for your children's Cantonese classes?

Our registered, professional kindergarten teachers nurture our children like little seedlings. We help them grow in confidence and ability as their Cantonese proficiency grows.

Your child will learn words and phrases associated with their daily life.

Cantonese becomes a part of their everyday life and has more meaning. This gives them an incentive to carry on learning. We harness your child's imagination and interests. Their stories inspire our Cantonese learning resources they can then use at home.

Your opinions and ideas as a parent help us improve our lessons.

We collect your thoughts and then make changes where necessary. This helps us make sure your child will get the most out of the language session.

We’ll help you apply our teaching methods and techniques at home.

This will help your child learn more effectively. We can help you with challenges such as: how can you make children understand that Cantonese has one sound per word? Why do they still not understand what a word means even after repeating it many times? How can you get them to say and recognise words more easily?

Get access to resources created especially for bilingual Cantonese families.

We've combined our experience teaching bilingual children Cantonese with educational resources from Hong Kong. This has inspired an interactive exercise book that your child will have access to.

Meet the team

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ceci is a native Cantonese speaker.

She is a certified kindergarten teacher from Hong Kong.

Ceci has seven years’ teaching experience in schools and various playgroups: three years in Hong Kong and four years in London.

She designs teaching resources that are inspired by her students’ interests and the learning processes that work best for them.

She is an energetic teacher and is passionate about teaching children Cantonese through fun and engaging activities.

Miss Ceci "詩詩老師"

Founder & Teacher

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sze Ying is a native Cantonese speaker.

She is a certified Secondary School Teacher from Hong Kong.

She holds a Bachelor of Education and Master of Art in Chinese Language and Literature. She has taught Chinese Language in Hong Kong’s schools for sixteen years already.

She loves to teach Cantonese, especially the idioms and the metaphor, as she wants this expressive and humorous language to be shared around the world.

Miss Sze Ying "思瑩老師"


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Rachel is a native Cantonese speaker.

She is a certified Secondary School Teacher from Hong Kong.

She has a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. She has taught Chinese Language in Hong Kong’s school for two years and tuition centre for one year.

She often spices the class with enjoyment through creative, interactive classroom activities. She believes what we learn with pleasure we never forget. Let’s learn Cantonese well through humor and laughter!

Miss Rachel "Rachel老師"


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Angel is a native Cantonese speaker.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and a Master in Translation. With experience in self-studying Japanese and passing N2 in JPLT, she understands the difficulties and obstacles in studying a second language. She always strives to find the most efficient, effective way to make progress.

She has taught Cantonese in London for two years already. She loves to create an interactive environment and design teaching materials to make Cantonese learning fun and creative for children.

Miss Angel "Angel老師"