Christmas Word Matching


雪人☃️syut3 jan4
雪花❄️syut3 faa1 
聖誕帽🎩sing3 daan3 mou6
聖誕襪🧦sing3 daan3 mat6
聖誕樹🎄sing3 daan3 syu6
聖誕花🌺sing3 daan3 faa1
聖誕老人🎅🏼sing3 daan3 lou5 jan4
聖誕禮物🎁sing3 daan3 lai5 mat6


How it works?

1) Print the document "聖誕詞語配對"

2) Decorate the card if children want to

3) Cut out with the dotted line (parent might need to hold the paper)

Video Sharing


Parents should encourage children to say the words in Cantonese. When they say it correctly, you can give them a quick positive reinforcement right away e.g. high five, kiss, hug.


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