Lunar New Year Matching


年糕 😋  nin4 gou1   蘿蔔糕 😋  lo4 baak6 gou1
桃花 🌸  tou4 faa1  桔🍊 gat1
舞龍 🐉  mou5 lung4  
舞獅 🦁  mou5 si1
利是 🧧  lei6 si6
揮春 fai1 ceon1
虎 🐯  fu2

How it works? 

1) Open the link "新年詞語配對"

2) Children choose a card and say the label

3) Children/Parents turn the corresponding card over

4) Match all the pictures and say all the vocabulary


Video Sharing

Parents should encourage children to say their words in Cantonese. When they say it correctly, you can give them a quick positive reinforcement right away e.g. high five, kiss, hug