Red Lucky Scroll x 6


san1 nin4 faai3 lok6
Happy Chinese New Year
nin4 nin4 jau5 jyu4
May there be surplus year after year
gung1 hei2 faat3 coi4
Wishing you prosperity and wealth
daai6 gat1 daai6 lei6
Great fortune and great favour / and may all your wishes come true
sam1 soeng2 si6 sing4
May all your wishes come success
ceot1 jap6 ping4 ngon1
Wishing you always safe where you go


How it works?

1) Print the pages you like from the PDF file "牛年揮春"

2) Trace the lines following the stroke order

3) Draw different decorations and colour it to finish

4) Cut it out and stick it around your home to decorate

Video Sharing 

Parents should encourage children to say the words in Cantonese. When they say it correctly, you can give them a quick positive reinforcement right away e.g. high five, kiss, hug.


More pictures from our students