Struggling to increase your children's vocabulary?

One of the most difficult parts of Cantonese is its differences between 🗣 spoken and ✍🏻written language. You may feel that as your children grow up, their Cantonese level stalls and is limited 😢 to vocabulary only for everyday life, like numbers, colours, etc.

Reading and listening to stories is a good 👍🏻 way to increase your children's vocabulary. Many books on the market are in written form. We understand this can be difficult for most parents with limited Chinese level 🥺 to read these books to their children. So, as soon as we find out the books from 冚唪唥 Hambaanglaang are written with 🗣 spoken form (Jyutping), we highly recommend them to everyone. They have already finished 2️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ stories. Every story is related to daily life. Covering from basic to 📈 advanced levels, their books make parents and students easy to find a suitable book.

The video 🎞 in the comment below explains more about how HBL books are useful to your children. They offer free books 📚 with recordings 🎙️ on their website as well. We encourage your children to 💡 try repeating after the recordings. 

If you find it hard to attract your children to listen to stories, maybe that’s because it’s not simplified enough. You are welcome to join our lesson. The content will be the same as the books, but we will 👉🏻 break down the details of the story and 👉🏻 include more interesting pictures to 🔸 make the story more fun and 🔶 simple to read. Our teacher will share more storytelling skills so you can use it at home 🏡 as well.

Meanwhile,⏰ you may be wondering the following questions: should my children learn spoken or written Cantonese first❓ Could reading books in spoken form be more confusing to children❓ When should my children start learning written Chinese❓ Do my children have to learn Jyutping before learning spoken Cantonese❓ How to improve their accent if my children don’t know Jyutping❓ If you would like to know more, please feel free to let us know. We will then first answer the most commonly asked question.

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