This time we want to try something new and different. We will walk into a restaurant and learn. Most importantly, we can allow children to experience being a waiter/waitress in a real setting. Thank you @yunguichuan so much for partnering with us and giving us the opportunity. We will also be enjoying together a popular food in Hong Kong: rice noodle.

The recommended age for this event is 5 and above. This price is £35 and includes one child portion of rice noodles (half the normal size) + 1 topping. And there is a minimum spend of £10 per accompanying adult on that day for them to cover the cost of providing us the place. We hope you understand.


建議參加年齡為 5 歲或以上

£35的價錢已包括一餸 (當日選擇) 小朋友半碗正常米線,而每位大人最低消費£10。

• 9:30 - 11:30 (2 hrs) 
   - play games to learn the vocabulary of the food on the menu and quantifiers
   - learn phrases useful for serving us later
   - experience waiter/waitress duties (arranging tables, taking orders, cleaning up and taking payments)
• 11:30 - 12:20 (50 mins)
   - children & adults mealtime, depending on the abilities of young waiters/waitresses😆
   * We need to return the venue at 12:20, so they can open at 12:30.
• 9:30 - 11:30 (2 hrs)
   - 以遊戲活動學習餐單上的食物詞語和量詞
   - 學習侍應工作需要用到的句子
   - 嘗試侍應工作 (安排座位、派餐具、下單、清潔和收款)
• 11:30 - 12:20 (50 mins)
   - 小朋友&大人用餐時間,取決於小侍應的工作能力😆
   *需要於 12:20 交還場地,雲貴川將於 12:30 開放給客人

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Price: £35 per child