Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all the links to useful learning resources, such as videos, games, etc., for each lesson on Google Classroom. After finishing the classwork, you can submit it on Padlet (link is also on Google Classroom). Find out more about how to hand in classwork on Padlet:

Please note: since other students can see your videos, if you prefer not to show your children’s face, please record the classwork only.

We recommend you get two devices ready in the following setup:
1. connect Zoom using your computer/phone (best using Airplay to project onto TV)
2. (except for seed class) connect Pear Deck using your tablet, or if you use laptop, prepare a mouse for your children to play the games. Find out more about how to use Pear Deck:

Using only one device is also fine, but you may want to put Zoom and Pear Deck side by side.

Simply bring the homework from the previous lesson and, if you've purchased one, the exercise book for the teacher to review. Make sure you've also submitted the homework to Padlet. Apart from that, everything is set for an engaging and enjoyable lesson.

We always suggest parents stay with their children in the lesson, provided that your children would not be too clingy. This way, you can know more about what we teach and help review with your children at home.

For in-person classes, due to limited classroom space, we can only allow at most one parent to accompany each child. You can also consider drop-off if your children are over 2.5 years old. If you do, please return to the classroom in the last ten minutes, when the teacher review the last classwork and give out the new one.

We strongly suggest spacing out the resources over the week. Try to use different materials every day to maintain at least 15-30mins of exposure to Cantonese for the best learning outcome. Also, while playing the games, please make sure your children say the words/sentences out loud.

If you’ve bought the exercise book, you can scan the QR code on the content page and follow Miss Ceci’s guidance videos to complete the exercises.

If you only have the classwork given by the teacher each lesson, please keep it in a folder after finishing it, so it’s easier to review with your children from time to time.

If you are too busy to do the classwork with your children, you can always keep the worksheets in the folder and complete them later during the holidays.

For in-person classes, you can join our London community group chat, and possibly arrange playdates with other families.

We will try our best to hold different workshops/camps during special Chinese festivals, like the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, etc. We hope all students have the opportunity to meet more friends of different ages and Cantonese abilities.

Each level takes approximately 4-6 terms to learn. Our teachers will determine the specific, appropriate learning objectives based on students’ abilities in each class. We do observe that students who complete their classwork consistently show significantly greater progress when compared with others. As soon as our teachers think students are ready to learn more, we will move up a level. Ideally, this is done for the whole class so students can continue learning together with their classmates.

In all classes, the teacher will record videos or take photos for the purpose of training and monitoring. This allows us to continue to improve our classes.

Please note that we may use the photos/videos of your children on our social media only if you have given us permission during sign-up. You can always contact us to update your preference.