Homework Reward Program

To encourage students to finish their homework more frequently and proactively, we've introduced a homework reward program. Students who finish their homework 10 times can get a gift. We will save £5 credits for you to use in the following term, and then you and your children can decide what to do with it as a reward (e.g. buy a small gift, save it up, do some activity together, etc.). We hope this helps motivate both students and parents to complete the homework every week and, ultimately, integrate more Cantonese into daily life.

Here are more details about how it works:
- There are three reward sheets in the PDF [download here].  Your children can choose their preferred colour.
One reward sheet for each class for a single student only. For example, if your child is joining both group and private classes, you should then print 2 reward sheets.
- Each homework can earn up to one stamp. Completing the same homework repetitively does not mean more stamps. The homework is not limited to worksheets only, but the learning materials on Google Classroom, such as YouTube videos and games (e.g. Wordwall/Kahoots). They must say the words out loud in Cantonese while playing the games.
- After completing worksheets, please take a photo and submit it to Padlet. If you don’t want to show it on Padlet, please show it to the teacher in class.
- Mark down the date beneath the stamp so as to track the progress.
- When your children collect 10 stamps, take a photo of it and send it to Miss Ceci. We will then save £5 credits for you to use in the following term.
- After redeeming a reward, print out a new one and start accumulating stamps again.