Sapling Reading Lv2 Book

To help you and your children make the most of the book, we will be offering instructional videos for each exercise so your children can easily follow along at home. Simply scan the QR code on the content page to access the videos. Here are the example videos:
Magic Bakery (Unit 1):
I love my little cat (Unit 1):

Here are the example pages:



  1. “Reading stories to find words + creating sentences” Keywords are on P. 1 to let you know what to focus on. Your children can then create sentences using the keywords.
  2. “I can write” Learning how to write words stroke by stroke in the correct order.
  3. “Stroke practice + story sentences“ Practising writing the basic strokes.
  4. “Comic creation” Using the keywords from P.1 to create their own version of a comic story.

Our exercise books are designed to:

  • Help students learn vocabulary and sentences in a fun and engaging way
  • Encourage character recognition by using removable pictures so that children can match the Chinese character in the correct place
  • Allow for repetition and creative thinking with exercises to create sentences and a comic story using the words they have learnt
  • Teach basic writing skills such as strokes and order

In addition, the exercise books are:

  • Inkjet-printed and single-sided printed
  • Written in traditional Chinese with Cantonese phonics (Jyutping) and English translations included
  • A reward chart to encourage your children to practise more

The book (around 25-30 pages) is £15 (Paper version). We will use 1 or 2 book(s) in a term. You can have a look here for more details:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.